“Greensplat the film began as an idea for a 3 minute sand animation experiment. Discovering a box of audio cassette tapes and my old drawings that had been sent to my NZ grandmother was particularly inspiring, and started the imagery flowing. After scribbling down various memories and examining the wealth of archival material available, I realised the 3 minute film had the potential to be more substantial and it snowballed from there. 

For me, this film is a time capsule, a small love letter to the past from one perspective. Animation seemed the perfect way to recreate the intangible nature of memories about a vanished village.”


‘Greensplat’ was creating using stop-motion sand animation shot on Dragon Stop Motion, later composited with cut-outs animated in After Effects.

For the sand animation, I used an LED lightbox and Raglan sand, sometimes combined in-camera with collaged images copied on to tracing paper. It was shot on a Canon 450D running off the battery, to avoid flicker from power fluctuations.


Director/animator/editor/writer: Dawn Tuffery

Archival voices: Rose, Graham, Dawn & Toby Tuffery

Narrators: Dawn Tuffery & Owen Bullock

Sound mix & editing: Jeremy Mayall (One Fat Man)

Original music: Jeremy Mayall and Adam Maha

Cassette digitising: Bjorn Artnsen (http://www.bjornarntsen.com)

‘Nellie the Elephant’ by Peter Hart & Ralph Butler, © Dash Music Co Ltd, licensed by Campbell Connelly (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Technical assistance: Pranesh Lal, Tony Nicholls, Geoff Ridder, Callum Thorley & Philippa McDermott

Most images: Family collection

Extra photos: Lee Cooper, Mike Turner & Tony Atkin

Special thanks: Alison Land, Bjorn Arntsen, Carl Watkins, David Sidwell, Geoff Ridder, Jeremy Mayall, Joe Citizen, John Mandleberg, Lee Cooper, Lisa Perrott, Margi Moore, Matthew Bannister, Owen Bullock, Philippa McDermott, Pranesh Lal, Rose Tuffery, Tony Atkin, St Austell Village Voice.

Filmed at Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand.


Greensplat on Wikipedia


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