‘Greensplat’ – the film

Greensplat is a short animated autobiography directed by Dawn Tuffery. It explores childhood memories of living in the Cornish village of Greensplat in the 1980s, while also looking at the history and effects of the local china clay industry.

The film was created as part of Dawn’s Master of Arts study at Wintec, and integrates sand animation with archival audio, photographs and drawings to create a personal portrait of a place that no longer exists.

Greensplat is now being entered into film festivals – any suggestions welcome. Keep an eye on the ‘News’ page for updates and follow Tuff Animation on Facebook!


  1. Dear Dawn,

    My name is Tom Barnecut and I am the co-director of The lovely Foundation, a social enterprise based in the Clay area of Cornwall. I got your contact details from Lee Cooper at a community event in St Blazey last weekend.

    My colleague and I are currently in the process of writing ‘The Little Book of Clay Country – a book with an accompanying exhibition about the clay area of Cornwall. The book itself will be filled with facts, figures and miscellania that will sit alongside personal anecdotes, memories and photographs gathered from and with the local community.

    Coming from St Stephens myself, I wanted to create a text that documents and celebrates the area’s unique landscape, heritage, people and communities in a fun, imaginative and creative way, rather than as a dry historical document. Profits from the book will go back into the foundation, in order to continue our work with community groups and young people in the area.

    With this in mind, the title of your short film ‘Greensplat’ caught my eye. As part of the exhibition, we are screening a series of films; acrhive footage, documentaries and short films made by local young people. We’d love to discuss with you the possibility of screening your film as part of this or to ask you some questions about your memories from your time there. Any contribution would be welcome.

    I can’t seem to find an email address for you on your website, so please do get in touch: littlebookofclaycountry@gmail.com or for more information on the project visit our website: http://www.thelittlebooksof.com

    Kind Regards,
    Tom Barnecut

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